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Parents who are devoted to maintaining their child’s at-home oral health routine want to know that their efforts are supported by a dental professional who is invested in their family’s long-term health, not just their teeth. Dentists are an important part of any family’s health care team and should be a good fit for your family, in terms of chairside manner and approach, to be effective. We offer consultations to prospective families who are interested in understanding more about our facility and services. In short, we aim to provide the quality of care we expect for our families – to yours. We try to anticipate the needs of our patients and exceed expectations. If you see yourself in these statements, and have further questions, our helpful staff is only a call or email away.

You Want Your Kids to Look Forward to the Dentist

Believe it or not, we can make it happen. Our team understands that building a healthy relationship with ‘the dentist’ is so important to ensure that our smallest patients feel at ease at the dentist at every visit. The impression formed by children about dental visits in the early years, good or bad, is likely to affect whether they prioritize their oral health as they mature. Patients who have only seen the dentist when there was a problem that required a procedure are likely to continue this pattern into adulthood.

Our goal is to foster a positive experience, so it is helpful to have your child in to see us for an office tour or to watch a parent or sibling have their teeth cleaned before any procedures requiring anesthetic are required, if possible. We are teddy bear and headphone friendly, so our patients are welcome to bring these items along to the clinic with them. Our talented staff are experts at offering support and guidance throughout your child’s procedure to assist them in remaining calm and still.

Your child’s procedure may be well-suited to Solare® laser dentistry – an anesthetic-free alternative. Read more about the Solare® CO2 laser here.

FDH Cartmell Dental’s support staff make it a priority for patients to experience a smooth administrative process and a pleasant chair-side experience.
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Each operatory is equipped with digital radiography. You can also watch your favorite Netflix program while having your procedure done!
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You’re All About the Long Game

Before having a family of your own, you may have seen a general dentist and been happy with the service and support. You may even be seeing one of many dentists in the clinic, changing frequently. Now that you’ve got a family of you own, however, you’re looking for a clinic that takes the time to get to know your family members. You might have thought about a pediatric dentist, but the idea of starting with a new dentist when your children age-out of their services may not suit your family’s dynamic. Family dentists pride themselves on their ability to serve their young patients into adulthood and beyond. Many clients in their sixties have been with their family practice for years – often since switching to a family dentist when their own children were small.

You Need Some Flexibility

We understand the time pressure that families are operating under, and we consider it our duty to make our services easy to access for schedules of all kinds. Opening earlier with extended hours allows us to offer flexibility to our clients, and group appointments allow families to cut down the frequency of visits required. Group appointments typically require more notice than individual appointments, and families should prepare for an extended appointment, as members may be seen consecutively rather than collectively.  

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Learn more about FDH Cartmell Dental and our dedicated team here! All services performed by a general dentist.

Your Child or Other Family Member Has Special Needs

Attending dental appointments can be a challenge for parents and guardians with special needs children. Special needs could include sensory processing disorders, spectrum disorders, and may even include adults with degenerative diseases such as dementia.

When visiting the clinic for the first time, a consultation will inform your dental team of your child’s medical profile, needs and limitations. For patients with compromised communication ability, your family dentist will arrange an extended appointment to ensure that effective communication through parents or guardians is made possible.

Patients benefit from a family dentist’s professional experience with special needs. Experience allows our dentist to recommend tricks, tips and products that will assist caregivers in cleaning the teeth more easily and more comfortably.  We make every effort to accommodate a patient’s need for comfort during their time with us, taking the pressure off the caregivers and offering as comfortable an environment as possible.

Like your relationship with your doctor, your relationship with your family dentist will evolve with time. As your dentist gets to know you, your family and your oral health goals, he or she is better positioned to offer results in line with your esthetic preferences and therapeutic needs. The long-term benefits of a family practice cannot be denied.

If you have questions about this or other services offered by our general dentist, contact our clinic today.

Patient First Dentistry

FDH Cartmell is a family friendly dental clinic. We focus on you, to provide safe and efficient dental care for everyone in your family. Conveniently located just south of the Ellerslie Road in Cartmell. We are here to help make sure you have a healthy and happy smile! 

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