Solea® Dental Laser

No matter how many times you’ve been to the dentist for procedures, few of us enjoy the tissue numbing process required. Sure, we know we need it, but few of us make it through the process without clammy hands or some mild anxiety in anticipation. For many dental patients, however, fear of the injection is something they can’t overcome without oral sedatives. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could snap our fingers and take the pain away?

Needle-Free & Drill-Free Dentistry

No, snapping our fingers won’t take the pain of injection away – but what if you could forego the injection entirely? We are pleased to offer Solea®, the world’s best selling all-tissue CO2 dental laser. This revolutionary new tool offers a way to decrease chair time while not requiring any numbing – even for cavities. This laser is attuned to such a high frequency that it vaporizes hard and soft tissues on contact while overwhelming the tooth’s pain receptors. In this state of overwhelm, the nerve loses ability to communicate with the brain which results in a pain-free procedure. Studies have shown that half of patients feel pressure or a cold sensation while the other half don’t report feeling anything at all.

Since many dental procedures take about as much time to perform as to prepare the patient, the benefits of foregoing this step are many. First, the patient benefits from a decreased stress response. This reduces the incidence of tiredness and headache that can follow a prolonged spike in stress hormones. Since there is less stress and discomfort, patients find it easier to sit calmly during procedures. Rather than work on only one side, all four quadrants of the mouth can be worked on in one session. The significant decrease in appointment duration means that appointments are easier to fit into patient schedules, and the absence of anesthetic allows our patients to return to normal activities immediately following their procedure. Procedure time is reduced so much with Solea® that dentists can even restore cavities on the spot during regular checkups or cleanings.

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Appropriate at Any Age

The challenges associated with performing dental procedures on patients who are young and nervous, non-verbal, or suffering from the onset of dementia are many. The patient’s tolerance for remaining still may be exhausted by the time they have been fully prepared for the procedure. The novel sensation of being numb can be an uncomfortable sensation – but combined with a possible sense of claustrophobia along with loud tools and astringent smells, this may understandably be intimidating to special needs patients and children.

Solea® offers a brand-new dental experience – with virtually no noise, no anesthetic and fewer contraindications. Those with pacemakers can safely use Solea® and pregnant women can use Solea® at any time during their pregnancy. Solea® has a cauterizing effect on tissues, eliminating the need for stitches, promoting tissue growth, and producing significantly less blood.  

COVID-19 and Other Pathogens

The safety and wellbeing of our clients is our top priority, and Solea® technology is helping us on our mission to provide an exceptionally clean environment. A standard dental drill has a spatter range of as much as 18 inches, while Solea® has a spatter range of only several millimetres. What’s more, Solea® spatter contains almost nothing living, all but eliminating the potential for transmission of COVID-19 and other cold and flu viruses.

It should be noted that, as a consequence of eliminating the need for anesthetic, your dentist is unlikely to leave and re-enter the room. This further supports the cleanliness of the environment by reducing opportunities for new aerosols to enter the clinical area.

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Other Benefits

Solea® can be used on natural teeth or teeth with restorations and prevents unintentional damage to surrounding tissues due to its degree of precision.  This laser can also be used to add tension to the soft palate to prevent the flesh from lying across the airway, causing snoring. There are as many uses for this CO2 laser as there are benefits.

It should be noted that although Solea® has a broad range of use, it should not be considered a replacement for regular oral hygiene between visits with your dentist. Effective brushing and flossing remains important to decrease the plaque bacteria in the mouth and prevent decay and gum disease.

Imagine looking forward to dental visits. Imagine, finally having the courage to improve the appearance of your smile without needing to be concerned that you would not be able to tolerate the procedures. With freedom from dental anxiety, patients from all demographics can take more interest in the possibilities for their oral health and smile presentation. Look for a dental practice offering the Solea® laser in a center near you or see us for your next dental appointment. We can’t wait to make your day.

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