What Emergency Dentist is Open Weekends in South Edmonton?             

When you’ve got dental trouble, waiting until regular business hours to have an emergency dentist in South Edmonton to attend to you isn’t always an option. So, where should you start when you’re looking for an emergency dentist in Edmonton? And how will you determine whether you’ve got an emergency on your hands or whether you can wait to see a dentist? The pros at Family Dental Health are here to help!

What is an Emergency?

We often hear of patients waiting longer than they ought to where emergency care is concerned. If their Edmonton dentist isn’t open weekends, many patients will forego looking for another dentist, thinking they can wait until Monday. The truth is, however, that some dental emergencies start small and quickly become severe – leading to panic. The best way to determine whether you need to be seen right away is based on whether you think you may have an infection, or if a traumatic injury has occurred.


Dental infections often occur when an ongoing issue in the mouth does not get the attention it needs. Dental cavities can allow food and debris to enter the tissues of the mouth and begin to grow out of control. Similarly, dental cracks can allow bacteria to enter the tissues and begin to fester painfully. Not only are dental infections painful, but they are dangerous. This is because the mouth is a very vascular and that vascularity means that bacteria that enter the tissues can move into the blood. This can result in severe sepsis, requiring extensive intervention to resolve.

Signs of infection include swelling and pain and a taste that is either bitter or metallic that seeps from the infection. This seepage will continue to be produced by the infection despite rinsing and brushing, so a bad taste that just won’t stop is the first sign that there’s an infection in the mouth. Patients affected by dental infections may find opening and closing the mouth, particularly upon waking, is particularly painful.

If you have a pimple that forms on the gums, called a pustule, this is a further indication of infection. Do not try to pop the pustule, but if it pops on its own, you can allow it to drain naturally, rinsing the mouth with cool water to control the offensive taste.

The most important thing to know about dental infections is that they do not resolve on their own. Infections that aren’t tended to right away have potential to kill the tooth associated with it by killing its nerve. The implication to the patient is that the pain will cease, but this should not be seen as a problem solved. Rather, the infection will continue to assault the tissues of the mouth without the associated pain. If you have an infection, see a dentist open weekends in Edmonton as soon as possible.


If you’ve taken a blow to the mouth or have otherwise injured your mouth, the presentation of blood can be alarming – but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need an emergency dentist. Remember, the mouth is vascular, so it’s important to look deeper to determine whether you need an Edmonton dentist open Saturdays or an Edmonton dentist open Sundays. For example, a patient who has broken a tooth or chipped it may also have cuts to the cheek or gum tissues. By rinsing the mouth with clean water, you’ll be able to determine the true extent of the damage. If your tooth is broken, check to see whether the break has opened the inner chamber of the tooth. If this is the case, you will have significant pain due to the exposed nerve and will need to be seen by a dentist in South Edmonton.

If your tooth has been knocked-out, it is imperative that you collect the tooth and proceed to the nearest emergency dentist, arriving within 30 minutes of the incident to allow your tooth its best chance at being saved.

What if I Can’t Find a Dentist Near Me?

Family Dental Health is your dentist in Cartmell, Edmonton, when you need an Edmonton dentist that is open weekends.  You don’t necessarily need to see a dentist accepting new patients, since your emergency visit will likely be a one-time event before you return to your regular dentist for follow-up. Dentists who are open weekends in Edmonton try to leave enough flexibility in their appointments to accommodate an emergency visit where possible. Your best bet is to perform a search online with search terms like “dentist open Saturdays in Edmonton” or “dentist open Sundays in Edmonton” and head directly to the nearest clinic.

Note that any injury that results from head trauma should be seen at a medical hospital where concussion management can be prioritized.

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